The company

Here at Kumba Safaris we live and breathe the African air. We want you to experience the African breeze and wildlife with the Kumba Safari team. We have a passion for what we do and would love to share it with you. We strive to be extraordinary in breathtaking safari tours and to give you the best outdoor experience of your life.

We have been touring for over eight years and we know all the famous attractions and activities in South Africa and Namibia. These are the sites that we want you to experience.

We want to share the experience of the outdoors and wildlife with you. Giving you excellent service and value for money. Our tours include lots of fun filled activities and going the extra mile. Kumba Safaris and the African wildlife are our passion and we strive to share that through our tours by giving you the most unforgettable experience & journey of a lifetime.


The name of the company means extreme in health, fortune and spirituality. We enjoy great success! We are very creative under pressure and we have original ideas. We enjoy entertaining and we easily relate to different cultures and enjoy service to others.   

About the owner

My love for the wildlife started as a young boy when we as a family started doing trips to Namibia. My passion started to grow for the wildlife and people. I love doing adventurous activities and entertaining people comes naturally to me. I have a passion for what I do and I love experiencing it over and over again, enjoying every step of this wonderful journey.