Ai-Ais is a popular holiday destination located in the middle of the mountains. To reach Ai-Ais you will travel on a gravel road, where you will get to experience some of the wildlife found here with an amazing backdrop. Springbuck, kudu and Hartmann’s mountain zebras can frequently be seen grazing on the side of the road. Very common in Ai-Ais, are troops of baboons that are really clever and naughty. Be aware, while camping, to keep tent zips closed and valuables packed away, otherwise the baboons will claim it for themselves. The hot water springs in Ai-Ais were discovered in 1850 by a sheep Shepard. During 1903-1907 the hot springs were used by the German military as a base camp and in 1915 the South African troops used it as a base for wounded recovering troops. Ai-Ais was opened in 1971. Today it has camping and accommodation next to the Fish River and a big swimming pool, with an indoor pool and a nice restaurant. Believe it or not, it also has a fuel garage. Hiking and swimming here are really relaxing and peaceful for the body, soul and mind. The hot water springs are a must visit. It has water temperatures of 60 degrees – which is really hot!