Not only is Etosha National Park home to over 114 mammal, 340 bird, 110 reptile and 16 amphibian species, but also four of the big five, including the black rhinoceros which is an endangered specie.

Our game drives promise a lot of exciting views and experiences. Guests can look forward to picnics in the bush and viewing spots at various waterholes inside the camp where they will be able to relax and sit and watch the animals come down to the waterhole for a drink.

The game drive also includes a trip to the Etosha pan (a large endorheic salt pan), which is also known as ‘the great white place’. This pan is the only breeding ground for flamingos in Namibia and at times, there can be over a million flamingos in the pan.

The Etosha National Park also has curio shops, restaurants and swimming pools for the guests to use and enjoy at any time of the day.