Orange River

This mighty river is the longest in South Africa, and is essential for the farmers near the river for water irrigation and hydroelectric power. Rising in the Drakensberg, it flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay, forming a border between South Africa and Namibia as well as between Lesotho and South Africa. The Orange River is about 2,200km long and has 16 species of fish. It was named the Orange River by Colonel Robert Gordon.

In 1867 the first diamond was discovered near Hopetown on the Orange River. Two years later an even larger diamond was found in the same area. This was the beginning of the diamond rush! Today there are mines at the mouth of the Orange River. The mighty river is famous for its water rapids and canoeing. It is one of the best rivers for rafting and getting the adrenalin pumping. Businesses next to the Orange cater for canoeing and accommodation. It is advised to use only the best accommodation for this kind of activity. Experience the splashing time of your life with the best spectacular landscape of the Orange River with Kumba!