Wild horses

You will be amazed at how different these wild horses are, and the amazing beliefs that are associated with them. At the west of Aus are a few feral horses living in the desert and numbering about 100 -150 today. These horses have adapted to their environment over many years and have become a huge attraction. This is not your typical horse. They are unique to their environment, and can go without water for about five days and live in extreme heat and sandstorms. At the Garub pan there is a man-made waterhole where tourists can watch the horses and other animals drink. A fantastic sightseeing area! Predators out there are the spotted hyena and leopard, targeting the young foals and juveniles.

There are many theories about the history of these wild horses. One is that there was a cargo ship carrying thoroughbreds to Australia and which was wrecked near the Orange River mouth. Only the strongest horses swam to land and travelled to the Namib Desert where they adapted to the harsh environment. The other theory is that the Khoikhoi rode the horses from South Africa to the north of the Orange River and so they bred there. The wild horse theories can go on and on, and the true story may never be known.